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Magnetic Elbow Support

Magnetic Elbow Supporu
Retail $48.95
Online Price $36.95
BioFlex neoprene supports with interior magnetic strips, retain heat, provide compression and superior quality over any other fabric used in the health and sports medicine industries.
Bioflex, the uniquely designed patented magnet, is comprised of a consentric circle pattern. Our bioflex, pemanently magnetized, products are the high tech replacement of antiquated and dangerous electric heating units.
Magnetism can increase blood circulation, according to the Hall Effect, a principle of physics. This principle states that when a magnetic field, which provides deep heat, is place over blood vessels, the heat and mechanical change in blood flow cause the blood vessels to widen. This allows a greater amount of blood to pass through, increasing the circulation.
The outdated linear or axial patterns of conventional magnets have prevented effective magnetic therapy. Bioflex, the high tech international patent of circularly arranged alternate magnetic poles, has been mathematically designed to be the most efficient pattern for remarkable therapeutic benefits. Virtually all blood vessels will cross a series of north/south poles, only with the Bioflex patented design.
Unique to BioFlex is the use of Trioxon, a material which not only captures and retains your natural body heat, but also, unlike other products, allows your skin to ventilate and remain comfortably dry. This is the secret of Trioxon's long term comfort f
Captures body heat.
Increases circulation.
Allows skin to ventilate.
Wicks moisture.
Provides compression and support.
Provides long term comfort for the wearer.

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Mag. Elbow, Universal Sizing
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