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BioSkin Tennis Elbow Band with Strap & Pad

BioSkin Tennis Elbow Band with Strap & Pae
Retail $46.95
Online Price $35.95
Medicare Billing Code L3700
When Tennis Elbow is persistent this is your support. Easily the lightest most comfortable Tennis Elbow support. Made of breathable Bio Skin. This Tennis Elbow band has a tear shaped foam pad which can be placed for treatment of lateral or medial epicondylitis. The pad is held down by a stretchable loop strap which adjusts circumferentially to the forearm. The Bio Skin Elbow band offers a low profile fit with full compression. Even under full flexion the elbow band will not bind or impinge. What is Bio Skin? A unique group of people began working with an uncommon fabric. We came up with spectacular solutions to the everyday sport support problems. Our solution... Your solution... Bio Skin. Bio Skin is a lycra + membrane + lycra material. Bio Skin is half as thick as Neoprene making it less bulky. Bio Skin is strong, thin, and comfortable. It eliminates skin reaction and increases patient compliance. When you sweat, Bio Skin stays put. This feature is called SkinLok.. It is activated as the perspiration is absorbed into the unique weave pattern of the Bio Skin. Migration of the support is minimized when locked into position. Equally important, the SkinLok works with the body like an extra layer of skin. It stretches with the dynamic movements of the body. While giving even compression, it eliminates bunching, binding and constriction in the joint. When the heat is on, the middle layer of Bio Skin does the trick. Bio Skin's middle layer is the SmartSkin. membrane. The SmartSkin. is activated as the body warms and begins to perspire. The membrane works on a molecular level and swells slightly as it absorbs moisture vapor. This moisture vapor transmission travels through the membrane by hydrostatic pressure and is released on the external side of the Bio Skin This continues at a constant rate, moving moisture and heat away from the body. The higher the perspiration and heat level, the greater the moisture movement. This, coupled with the evaporation on the outside of the Bio Skin significantly reduces heat and perspiration buildup. As the body cools, the SmartSkin returns to its original shape and size.
Magnified section of BioSkin below.
Lycra + Membrane + Lycra

Lateral epicondylitis
Tennis elbow
Medial epicondylitis

How to size.
Measure circumference of largest part of forearm

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